Counselling Services

Increase Your Self-Awareness and Ease

“Unconditional Positive Regard” is not just our philosophy but also our technique for a trustworthy therapeutic bond.

Person Centered Approach

Your subjective experience is important. You are important. We tend to focus here and now.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

We not only work to solve your problems with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques but also help you to develop methods and resistance to these problems.

Emotional Work

We are here to help you with being aware of your emotions and accepting them. Emotional Regulation is one of our focuses.

We Value Your Privacy

For us, the privacy of your information is just as important as your well-being. We follow the APA Code of Ethics as a foundation stone for all of our works.

LGBTIQA+ Support

We are aware that outcasted individuals might need extra care. Your colours are welcomed here!

Accepting Instead Labeling

Our attitude is to understand and regard individuals as they are.

We help you to cope with




-Social Anxiety






-Self-Destructive Thoughts

-Self-Esteem Problems


How does the process work?

Counselling can only be fruitful if both parties can work together. 

You’ll have the chance of understanding your very own self.

We are here to guide and support you in this process. 

You are not alone…

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